Feisty Side of Fifty | Making Your Mark with Words

Last March, I headed down to San Francisco to meet up with Eileen Williams of the Feisty Side of Fifty podcast. We talked writing ideas, tips, and tricks. Here's the description of our conversation or you can listen online here:

"Baby boomers are decidedly not the 'Silent Generation!' We want to leave our mark upon the world—especially as we grow older. Much of the time, this mark will take the form of the words we leave behind.

Mary-Kate Mackey is joining us to share all about her practical, step-by-step and highly readable guide to writing, Write Better Right Now. The book is filled with tips and strategies that will ensure you are expressing yourself with confidence, clarity and a big dose of personality.

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your writing, you won’t want to miss this one!"

Listen to the Feisty Side of Fifty interview.

Mary-Kate Mackey