Write Better Right Now belongs on the bookshelf of anyone using a pen or word-processor. Buy it. Make it your personal dog-eared coach to writing with vim and vigor.
— Lydia Plunket, Writer

When you need to write, do you …

☐ Feel anxious, unprepared, and frustrated?
☐ Think you’re not up to the task?
☐ Worry that your writing isn’t good, but don’t know how to make it better?

If you’ve checked any of those boxes, you may be a reluctant writer—someone who doesn’t like to write but has to do it anyway. Write Better Right Now: The Reluctant Writer’s Guide to Confident Communication and Self-Assured Style is here to help.

Write Better Right Now is the springboard to get you ahead in any job, passion project, or situation that requires writing skills. No matter what you are called upon to do―blog posts, speeches, web content, press releases, or more―this step-by-step manual gives you the solid techniques you need to get the task done.

Write Better Right Now delivers clear, practical writing advice in a conversational tone. It’s like Mary-Kate is whispering in my ear, helping me break through my ‘can’t write’ mental block.
— Mark Turner, Photographer

Write Better Right Now works because it is:

  • Short―It takes a concise approach, from first thoughts to final edits, and its “mix-and-match” structure means you only have to read the sections you need.
  • Practical―It is loaded with summations, short cuts, tips, cheat sheets, and hands-on exercises.
  • Solution-driven―Knowing where you’ve gone wrong is half the battle. Write Better Right Now offers you the tools to identify your own problem patterns and choose the quickest and most appropriate fixes.

You can improve your writing today. With straightforward guidance, Write Better Right Now is the quick read for productive people who need to create clear and crisp communication―right now.

I had a book proposal that jumped on and off the stove so many times I had almost given up. After reading just the first two chapters of this book, the proposal was retooled, edited and submitted—I fixed the problem. So easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to gets results.
— Kate Copsey, Author